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Advance Directives

If you are concerned that you may be subject to involuntary psychiatric commitment or treatment at some future time, you can prepare a  document in advance to express your choices about treatment. The document is called an advance directive for mental health decisions.

If you expect you might need mental health treatment in the future and believe that you might be found incompetent to make your decisions at that time:

  • An advance directive gives you control and peace of mind as part of your crisis plan before a crisis strikes.
  • An advance directive empowers you to make your treatment  preferences known.
  • An advance directive will improve communication between you and your physician. It can prevent clashes with professionals over treatment and may prevent forced treatment.
  • Having an advance directive may shorten your hospital stay.

For FREE assistance in creating a psychiatric advance directive, enroll in NAMI Utah's BRIDGES course (a free education course for people living with mental illness), or contact NAMI Utah and speak with a NAMI Mentor.

pdf Advance Directives flyer

For more information on Advance Directives, click here.

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Suicide Prevention

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